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Post by skillfool on Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:26 am

Winning Real Cash and Prizes Playing Solitaire Rush

One of the first card games every child learns is Solitaire. The game itself being hundreds of years old has spawned multiple variations over the years. Now players can turn those hours of practice into real cash playing Solitaire Rushonline at Worldwinner.

Now you can match your play against real human opponents to win bragging rights and real cash and prizes.

The best part about this version of Solitaire is that every game dealt has a solution! The outcome is completely dependant upon your skill and not the luck of the draw.

The layout is the standard version we are all accustomed to. The setup for Solitaire Rush is to deal out 28 of the 52 cards into a "tableau". The first pile is a single card, face up; the second pile is two cards, the top one face up; the third pile is three cards, the top one face up; etc. The remaining 24 cards form the hand.

There is a large variety of free and tournament Solitaire Rush play games to choose from. Tournaments entrys start at $0.99 with many different choices for number of players and prize pools. The multi-player $10,000 weekly tournament is only $1.99 to join.

The general rules are as follows:

If you have a choice of two cards to use from the tableau, take the one that has the most face-down cards underneath it.

Avoid moving cards to the foundation if you might need them later in the tableau. For example, don't move a red five to the foundation until you're sure you won't need it in the tableau to hold a black four.

Once you've gained some points, minimize your trips through the hand. In the 1-Card variation, you'll lose 100 points each time you go through the hand after the first time. In the 3-Card variation, you'll lose 20 points each time you go through the hand after the third time.

Use double-click or right-click to quickly move cards to the foundation.

If you're playing the 3-Card variation, and you have a good memory, you might want to go through the entire hand before you move a single card.

In the 3-Card variation, when you remove a card from the wastepile, it will cause different cards to appear the next time you go through the hand - but only beginning from the point in the hand where you just removed the card. This may help or hurt, depending on your current situation.

In the 3-Card variation, it is sometimes useful to leave a card in the wastepile even if you have a place for it in the tableau, so that you can remove that card from the wastepile at a later point in order to "shake up" the hand.

If you have a choice of two cards to use from the tableau, and both cards are covering an equal number of face-down cards, then you should choose the card from the leftmost pile. Solitaire card decks are selected by a proprietary patent-pending computer algorithm in a way that assures this to be the optimal and correct strategy.

Click Here to Register for Free at Worldwinner and start playing Solitaire Rush

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