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Greyapple Rules & Guides [Process of creation]

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Greyapple Rules & Guides [Process of creation]

Grey Apple Rules & Guides
1.Players attitude to Staff Members
Staff members include all Administrators (Admins).

1.1. Bad attitude and language towards any of the Staff Members is not allowed. - consequence - warning bar lowering

1.2. Any form of threats is not allowed.- consequences - warning bar lowered
1.3 Any Advertising in someones FORUM promotion post will cost a lowering of your warning bar
1.4. PM advertising is not allowed all advertisement must be in category Grey apple forum Promotion -consequences - warning bar lowered-PM RESTRICTED
1.5. It is forbidden to provide false information to Staff members.- consequences - warning bar lowered
1.6. It is forbidden to impersonate Staff.-consequences - warning bar lowered
1.7. If you are unhappy with the act of a Staff. You cannot challenge the staff in public.
If you are unhappy please send an email to - Only with vaild proofs like screenshoots

2 Telling users that your forum is better than greyapple is strictly prohibited -consequences - warning bar lowered

2.1 Naming your self to sound as a greyapple admin is not allowed -consequences - warning bar lowered or life time ban
2.2 Reporting any pm advertisement must be in a form of a screen shot

3 False Greyapple points transfer is not allowed ( do as you promised) -consequences - warning bar lowered

3.1 all Greyapple points transfer must be posted in trading post
3.2 Before making a user made contest you must be sure to have the right amount of prizes to give

4. Scammers/Threats

4.1 Scamming people - consequence-warning bar lowered or ban for 1 month
4.2 Any kind of threat is strictly forbidden -consequence-warning bar lowered or 1 month ban

5. Cheating

5.1 The copying of anyones application will cause you a warning bar lowered and prohibited to apply
5.2 Cheating in games is prohibited- consequence-warning bar lowered
6. Gfx Requesting
Be patient
Respect the sig made for you but you dont have to use it or like it
if you dont like it then dont. Do not say " dude you sux at design you should quit"-
consequence-warning bar lowered

6.1 Do not shout at anyone when requesting, suggesting, asking a question -consequence-warning bar lowered
7. Bad Language

7.1 Bad Language is strictly forbidden - consequence-warning bar lowered
7.2 Racism or Sexist comment is strictly forbidden -Depends on the admin or user's felling

8. Reports

8.1 Reports are to be accompanied by screenshots , full chat is required depending on certain cases. Reports on bad language do not need a full chat .
8.2 Reports without these will be ignored or closed or trashed.
8.3 No spamming of the same reports in the report section.
8.4 Some report do not require SS ( screen shots)

Grey Apple Guides

1 Grey Apple points
1.1 pets, Are available now, you can buy them in greyapple market ( admin store)
1.2 pets must be taken to the park, water works, restaurant atleast once a month or your pet will die.
1.3 you are not allowed to cheat to grow your pet. No SPAMMING IN YOUR HOME.
1.4 Toys are sold at the greyapple stores ( members or admins) they can be added to your home

2 Advertsing
2.1 All advertisement must be in GREYAPPLE FORUM PROMOTION only
2.3 You can get interviews or reviews in forum/blog/website interview/review
2.4 Packages are post we sell ( if you buy one. a member will post in your forum . depends on the package)
2.5 users(thread owner) can only post in forum promotion every 24 hours unless someone replies

3 Bump guide
3.1 you can only bump every 24 hours
3.2 if its 59-1 minutes early then its ok.
3.3 to bump you can not post just 1 letter it must be a word

4 Application Guide
4.1 All application must be in Application forum
4.2 After applying you must go on the forum > under the forum > click the group you want to join [Admin] [Moderators] etc. Or we will deny your app


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