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Review From Forumotion

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Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:


  1. Banner (Score: 7/10):
    Definitely, the first thing I noticed when I came to the forum is the banner so let's get started to the half of the major graphics, first, I'd say that the banner is looking good for me but it's not always 100 percent looking good, there are some things I noticed that makes it a bit not looking good, first of all, I'd say that it looks a bit odd because of the colors being roughly placed there, there are 2 mainly colors placed there(white & dark cyan/a bit dark sky blue) and with a bit black color there, I noticed that the background color of the banner is rough, but I don't see anything wrong on it even it's looking odd, just looks unique! Now, the other colors(the scattered one), I think it would be better if you'll remove it there, it's just adds a bit mess there or try sticking on one color on those scattered color, I think it would be better, now, the apple there, I think it's good being in the middle with it's size, seeing that it's the mascot of the forum, that's nice.

  2. Navigation Bars (Score: 9/10):
    I'd say that the navigation bars are brilliant! For me, it's the best graphic thing I'd seen on the forum for now, I liked how smooth it is, it;s color is also good and it's perfect with the banner and the forum's minor colors, the font is also good, but from the first time I'd seen it, it's a bit hard, but when guests gets used to those navigation bar, it would be no bother for them, no need to change it, I also liked your originality having an apple logo on your navigation bars between navigation bars 'member' and 'groups', that's nice, so nice work on this criteria!

  3. Images & Icons (Score: 9/10):
    From the banner criteria, the apple icon placed on the banner is just fine with it's size, and it's also nice you had the apple icon on the navigation bars also, that's a nice work, now to the images on every forums, they look nice! They also have colors that partners with the color of your major graphics and the minor color of the forum, nice work! They are also in same sizes, they also relate to where they are, nice work there! The forum icons(new post, no new post & forum is locked) are brilliant! Considering it's also having an apple logo that makes everything on the forum look the same, but it's nice! nothing wrong there, You have no "who is online?" icon but it would be good if you'll have one, Nice work here still...

Graphics total :: 25/30
iam proud to share this review to you guys Smile we got a score 25/30 which equals to 83.3 percent and its not half bad toungue out and if any of you guys would like to help with forum design i will be delighted and i will pay you with greyapple points.


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Post on Mon Feb 08, 2010 12:48 pm by Meep

This is GREAT!

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