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Sudoku Domino Full Review

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Sudoku Domino Full Review

Post by skillfool on Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:47 pm

Sudoku Domino Full Review

Playing Sudoku has become a world wide phenomenon. In Japanese, Sudoku literally means: "the digits must occur only once," and they mean it in GameDuell's variation called Sudoku Domino. You can choose to play free Sudoku or upgrade to cash games. Competitions vary from the standard version in some distinct and exciting ways to enhance and speed up game play.

Each game vs. your real human opponent lasts 10 minutes. You score points based on how many numbered tiles you place within that time. You are given a numbered tile for you to place rather than deciding when and where you can use any given number for a row or column. It sounds a bit confusing but it plays a lot more easily than you would think.

If you dock a numbered-tile in a way that breaks the Sudoku rules, then you will lose a life. Three invalid moves will result in the game being automatically ended. The invalidly-placed tiles will disappear and you will be able to continue normal game play. You will, however, continue to receive the same numbered-tile until you have docked it properly.

Every Sudoku puzzle can be solved! But it is possible to cause some squares to become inaccessible by docking new tiles in certain positions. If this happens, the blocked fields will be automatically marked, and the puzzle can no longer be fully solved!

Not to worry though. You will be equipped with a few aces up your sleeve to help you solve the puzzle. You are given two different types of jokers to help get you out of sticky situations. If you can no longer set any tiles, then click on one of the two jokers. Now you can freely place the joker. Golden jokers give you full points while grey jokers act like a blank tile in Scrabble.

Overall, the game can be quite fun and challenging. When you sign up for a duel your opponent will have the exact same game so you don't have to worry about unfairness. The time limit and penalty for incorrect moves make this game perfect for players that want to play Sudoku for cash. Play for fun or join a Sudoku mini-league (12-player tournament) to test your skills for cash.

Get 5000 Credits Here to Play Sudoku Domino Use code: GAME 5000

What can I win? Play for glory or play skill games for cash! GameDuell, Inc. is the developer and provider of fun and cash skill games. With thousands of competitors online you will always be sure to find a duel.

Play heads up with a single opponent or test your skills in a multi-player jackpot game. Play for pennies or play for the big bucks. Its up to you. Robert B. Fleming is an online gaming consultant and founder of Win real money or play for fun at jewel games, puzzle games, action games, card games, 9-Ball, play real opponents in skill game tournaments for cash. This article is from Play Sudoku Online


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