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Card Games

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Card Games

Post by skillfool on Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:32 pm

Play Solitaire, Hearts, Freecell, Spades and More for Real Cash

We’re all guilty of killing time on those delightfully engaging free online card games like Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Hearts, Spades and more. Who ever thought it would pay off? The popularity of playing online casual games has become undeniable. This evidenced by the rise of the big three companies in the skill gaming world.

With a combined 20 million online players, the big three: WorldWinner, GameDuell, and King and dominated the market. The upside is that you can always find an active heads up game or tournament. These sites are unique in the fact that players can test their abilities against real human opponents in one-on-one play or in multi-player tournaments. Prizes run from a few dollars into the thousands depending upon what level at which you wish to play.

There is huge variety of addicting solitaire games to choose from including the very popular Cleopatra’s Pyramid from GameDuell. Basically, you compete with your opponents via a point system based on time and your ability to get through the deck. This is common to more or less of the solitaire games. If you want to go for the big bucks you can check out the Mini-Leagues on GameDuell

For those who prefer a more social multiplayer gaming experience Hearts or Spades is right for you. In fact there are spades mega tournaments with prize pools up to $4200. Tournament entries are just $1-$2 for the big tourneys.

What you won’t find on these sites is any form of poker or blackjack. The industry as whole has kept away from the internet pariah that is the online gambling for all the right reasons. All of the games available on these sites are 100% legal to play for real money.

Keep in mind that many of the sites allow you to play for free as long as you like to practice and you can upgrade to real cash when you feel comfortable. There are very low stakes games for those who just want to add a little kick to their game as well as the big cash tournaments.

To help you find the game that’s right for you check out useful skill game portals like

Play online free card games against real opponents for real cash and prizes

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